Fort McMurray First United Church Welcomes You

Here's what's going on in and around our church.





*Save the date!  First United Church is sponsoring a Blanket Exercise on the afternoon of Saturday, June 15, 2019. Watch for more details after Easter! The Blanket Exercise has become a principal educational tool to respond to many of the Calls to Action issued by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission related to education. Learn more at:




*Food Bank Donations during Lent:  245 Items have been donated to the Food Bank to Date for lent. Our goal for Lent is to collect 40


food items per family for 40 days in Lent.  Please bring your items weekly or all at once on Palm Sunday.  Let’s see how much food we can give during Lent.




Celebration Jar is being reintroduced into our Sunday Service. We will ask if people have any celebrations for the week, please bring your change and feed the Celebration Jar!




*Thank you to Joelle Lagasse in leading Sunday School! How can you serve? Perhaps you would like to join our Sunday School team! If you enjoy reading and taking part in drama and other parts of worship, consider joining our team of readers and joining the Worship Committee.  You can also be a Sunday morning greeter! Or maybe you have your own ideas about sharing your gifts! Talk to Isabelle Doblanko with any questions!




*Your Givings make a difference: Thank you for supporting the ministries of Fort McMurray


First United Church in 2018. As the new year begins, consider giving by PAR (pre-authorized remittance). This will help you can support our church when you are away, and will help us budget for the year. Talk to Isabelle Doblanko or take a PAR pamphlet at church for more information.




*Gift a gift with vision: Check out The United Church of Canada’s latest giving catalogue at






*Church policy update on building restrictions. At a recent meeting, the Unified Board updated our policy to ban the use of cannabis in and around the building. This is consistent with our past policy banning the use of alcohol and cigarettes in the building.




*Justice in a Cup of Coffee: First United uses Fair Trade coffee for our social time following worship.


Upcoming Dates




Friday, April 19, 2019 - 10:30 am - Good Friday Service –


Rev Llloyd Lovatt officiating




Sunday, April 21, 2019 - 10:30 am - Easter Sunday Service




                                      Rev. Lloyd Lovatt officiating


Saturday, June 15, 2019 -Blanket Exercise.